About Us

About Us

Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition (ICTC)

ICTC is a voluntary collaboration of organizations that are committed to applying a trauma lens to their efforts on behalf of families and children in the state. Founded in 2005, the Coalition is made up of over 120 public, private, clinical, research, advocacy and educational institutions. With a diversity of disciplines and perspectives, the Coalition follows emerging trends, promotes education among professionals and the public, and offers support to a broad network of agencies that work with and for children and families who experience trauma.


Taking a public health approach to the evolving understanding of the nature and impact of childhood trauma, the mission of the ICTC is to expedite the integration of this wisdom into public awareness and the array of systems that serve children and families in Illinois. To that end, the Coalition provides a forum for leadership from multiple disciplines and service areas to coordinate and sustain the work that is essential to achieve the mission.


Increase awareness of the importance of prevention, early identification and treatment of childhood trauma.

Develop a workforce that includes all individuals working with children and families that is trauma-informed.

Increase capacity to help trauma-affected children and their families.


ICTC spearheads and collaborates on projects that advance the knowledge and best practices related to childhood trauma prevention, identification and treatment in Illinois. Our capacity-building efforts include everything from public policy monitoring and advocacy, to helping agencies explore and secure funding for their childhood trauma initiatives.

In addition, ICTC promotes research and develops communications designed to raise awareness about childhood trauma throughout Illinois. As part of our communications efforts, ICTC instituted a statewide public media campaign to help families become more aware that childhood trauma exists. Learn more at www.LookThroughTheirEyes​.org.


Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition is a trauma-informed collaborative founded by Chicago Metropolis 2020, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority, Voices for Illinois Children and the Chicago Department of Children and Youth Services in 2005 to promote the prevention and treatment of childhood trauma. It was created with the goals to: 1) increase awareness of childhood trauma, 2) develop the workforce, including all individuals that work with children and families to be trauma-informed, and 3) increase the capacity of agencies and organizations to help trauma affected children and their families.

At its inception, ICTC was a grant funded program. The operating budget was funded through an annual grant from the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership (ICMHP). ICMHP was created by the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Act of 2003 (93-0495, SB 1951) and is funded by the State of Illinois. In July 2016, no longer funded by the ICMHP, and without an operating budget, ICTC moved from VOICES to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and is managed by the Center for Childhood Resilience, longstanding ICTC partners and leaders. Currently, the Coalition is made up of over 120 public, private, clinical, research, advocacy and educational institutions.