Media Kit

The Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition encourages the media to help parents understand issues related to the prevention, identification and treatment of childhood trauma. To download a media kit, please click here.

This Kit contains:

  • Statistical Fact Sheet
  • Topical Fact Sheet
  • Tracking Postcard
  • ICTC Brochure

Public Service Announcements

The Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition has developed a series of public service announcements (PSAs) to help raise awareness about childhood trauma among parents and caregivers in Illinois. These pieces encourage parents to look through the eyes of their children to see if and how a child is struggling with something traumatic. We invite media and other organizations to broadcast and share sharing these PSAs.


Sometimes, what seems like normal arguing between parents can have a lasting impact on children, which may lead to trauma.


Bullying can tear a child apart – emotionally and physically – and may lead to childhood trauma.


It sometimes seems that our children grow numb to the violence and crime that besiege many communities.


A child who often feels alone, neglected or scared, may result in childhood trauma.


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Download these 11 x 17 poster PDFs to print out and place where parents and caregivers will see them.

Natural Disasters

Learn about a free app from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) that you can get to help you explain, prepare, respond and heal from these events here.