Developmental Benchmark Guide

This guide were created to assist adults in recognizing the possibility of developmental issues that may be linked to childhood trauma. This guide lists typical milestones as a way to assess your child’s development against common benchmarks.

Palm Cards


These cards—in both English and Spanish—have been developed as a handy tool for distribution by any agency, organization or individual who comes in contact with families in stressful, potentially traumatic situations. The Short version introduces parents and caregivers to the possibility of childhood trauma, and points them to this website to learn more. The Long version additionally includes brief sections on Common Causes, Signs of Trauma, Ways to Prevent it, and What to Do if You See Signs of Stress.

Short Version-English

Short Version-Spanish

Long Version-English

Long Version-Spanish

Practitioners and Clinicians


The links below are orientation webinars (both mp4 and PowerPoint with audio versions) for practitioners and clinicians. They provide an overview of the Stories project and provide details on the three modules, including all of the tools available and their recommended use.

Books for Parents


Children and Trauma: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Heal. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, California.

The Scared Child: Helping Kids Overcome Traumatic Events. Joy Berry, Children’s Press, Chicago, Illinois.